Most of you reading this page already know the answer to the question, but for those who don’t, let me explain it. First of all, a billiard table weighs anywhere between 800 to 1000 lbs. Slate from a pool table is very brittle and if dropped, it will definitely break. Furthermore, just like several other professions, using a professional is a good idea since they are really experienced in their trade and you are certainly not. A good pool table installer can not only do the job right, but they will also fix problems with a pool table that many of the owners would never see. ( Phoenix Pool Table Movers ) Many complications can arise and a pro has seen them all before and knows what to do each time. Some of the most important reasons to hire a pro pool table mover are to get the billiard table’s geometry correct, stretch the felt right, make the pockets straight, and covering the rails of the pool table. Although each of these things is important, the most important part of hiring a professional pool table service like Phoenix Pool Table Movers is because it takes skill to get your pool table precisely level. Gravity will never lie and if you don’t get the pool table correct, your billiard balls will roll one way or the other and your family and friends will notice it when they play pool. At Phoenix Pool Table Movers, we are true professionals and have seen everything when it comes to pool table service. Another quality that we have is that we will not try to make more money on each and every job. A lot of pool table service companies will try to up-sell all of the time and tell you that you need new bumpers, or pool table felt, etc.. when that is not always true. We care about each of our customers and want to give them an excellent low cost pool table service. Thanks for reading – from the Phoenix Pool Table Movers team. If you have any questions feel free to contact us though email or by telephone.